JK Investment Management

JK Investment Management LLP is an investment management boutique, whose primary focus is the delivery of investment performance.
To reflect the creative transformation spirit of JK, the brand creation sets a new benchmark in corporate communications. It was completely reimagined in terms of structure, content and design to tell the story of JK’s success in a new, inspiring way, and to ensure that critical investor information was accessible, clear and engaging not only to an investor audience, but also to JK’s wider stakeholder audiences.

For an organisation bursting with diverse amazing stories of the good it is doing, JK needed a clear narrative to hold everything together. To free the brand from rigid constraints. To create a cohesive connection between the company’s success and the bigger story it wanted to tell. The story of a business with the responsibility, size and reach to leave behind a better world. 
Our approach was simple. Don’t reinvent. Just dial it up.



—  Brand creation
—  Identity
—  Digital media


A cohesive connection.