Orion Finance

A re-brand with personality

Orion Finance is a collaborative financial organisation working across lending, trading and commercial banking markets throughout the African continent.

Triggermedia were awarded the tender to re-brand Orion to better reflect their approach and personality.

Having taken time to understand what makes Orion Finance stand out, we worked with the directors to establish a brand structure around the core areas of their group businesses. From there we created a visual identity as the perfect foil for a bright colour palette to represent each service, all coming together as a modern, stylish brand identity that suits Orion’s professional, but informal approach to work.
We applied the new identity to all printed collateral, signage and advertising and went on to design a new website. For the site, we also enjoyed directing a series of original illustrations which tie the brand identity together, summing up the appeal and success of Orion Finance.

“Having worked with a number of designers in the past, working with David was easier, more creative and more productive in comparison. He understood not only our brief but also our approach to business. We’ve now got an identity, marketing communications and website that we’re proud of and that has made a real impact. All elements have been much admired and talked about in very positive terms by other businesspeople and stakeholders. We’ve since worked with David on a subsequent new business project (also delivered brilliantly) and he’s always our first choice when we need any design work done.”
– Richard Nartey and Simon Dornoo, Business owners


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Our work represents a world leading brand that is easy for the Orion team to manage in the long term.