Planning, doing & delivering.

The Studio.

What we do.

A magic team and their magic touch.

We deliver brand strategy, design and innovation ideas for clients who require outstandingly creative solutions. 

From our studios in Somerset we have worked with some of the biggest brands, and also some of the smallest – maintaining a balance between the two is what keeps our minds fresh.

Our ideas and skills span the whole spectrum of an organisation’s needs and activities – from discreetly ambitious design challenges to fundamental business consultancy. We are always motivated by our desire to create unique and remarkable results. 

Real organisational culture cannot be dictated.

We can break down what we do into four main areas – Assess, Think, Create and Manage. Within each, there are specific things that we can deliver. You don’t necessarily need all of them to create a successful brand and they don’t have to happen in a strict linear fashion.

You will enjoy creating with Triggermedia!

How we do it.

Creating a place that helps to recruit talent.

We structure and manage each project to meet the unique needs of a particular client producing tangible results that they can take and use. It usually involves not just the creation of the elements themselves but also the support tools that will allow them to be used effectively.

We have extensive experience of providing creative solutions across print, screen and social media based channels, packaging, POS and retail environments. 

Management, planning and budgeting 

In-touch management 

Being in touch with you and your organisation ensures we have the knowledge and involvement to deliver – our aim is to become a valued part of your wider team. We are your link to the creative process and here to assist you in achieving all of your branding, positioning and communications goals. You’ll find we are hands-on, in regular contact and available to give updates on your project’s progress.

A very strong culture that you won’t get just by walking in the door.

No surprises 

We understand the wider business value of good budgeting, getting it wrong creates difficulties and generates additional work. At Trigger-Media we work with you on budgets, spending time to understand your objectives and help you plan more precisely where to invest. You can depend on our experience to ensure the most appropriate, efficient use of your financial resources. As a result you can make informed decisions on how to create the most cost-efficient and strategically-effective communications.

Smooth operations 

To hit your deadlines and requirements we manage your project throughout the creative process. Based on your verbal or written brief we will obtain your agreement on a creative mandate and provide you with an outline and schedule. We also understand time pressures, so we are flexible – working with you to ensure everything is delivered on time, on message and on budget. 


We have a broad skill-set and some very talented collaborators we work with, ensuring we deliver on all fronts, in a very human-centered approach, with the most possible genuine outcome.

Brand Strategy

Visual Design

Digital Marketing




Websites & Apps

User Experience

Interaction Design

Content Direction



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